Downsizing Without Compromising

By Krystyna Abdou

Downsizing Without Compromising

Nowadays with the economy being so fragile, many people are looking for ways to save money and to be stress free; downsizing is one of the answers to this dilemma. You can live in a smaller place but still have all the amenities and functionality you need. Apartments are great options for having stylish and maintenance free homes with all the conveniences. This is a lifestyle that allows for more enjoyment and new opportunities. Here are some tricks and tips on how you can maximize a small living space:

Custom Millwork

Small spaces require an organized, well thought out space plan. Custom millwork comes in handy in utilizing space to a maximum efficiency to accommodate all needs. It is a good return value on your investment.

Storage Makeover

You can maximize an average closet by installing a storage organizing system; you would be surprised how much extra space you can get and how you can create a designated space for everything you own.

Multifunctional furniture

Buying furniture that has more than one purpose such as nesting tables that could be easily moved around, loft beds that will free up a floor space, furniture with storage and Murphy beds will make efficient use of your space.

How to make a room look bigger:

  • Open up a room by using light colors on the walls and the floor.
  • Add mirrors to a room to reflect the light and create an illusion of more space.
  • Have a nice flow from one area to the other (try not to block any windows) and let all the light come through.
  • Use furniture with exposed legs (elevated from the floor) to visually make the room more light and airy.
  • Use transparent furniture as it visually takes less space and creates an impression of a larger or more open area.
  • As lighting is one of the most important parts of the design, add elements such as table lamps, pot lights, task lighting and good general lighting to define the areas and create moods.

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