Krystyna Abdou

Krystyna is a passionate, hardworking and dedicated interior designer who always likes to improve and make interior spaces better in functionality and stunning appearance.

Paying attention to details, she designs creative environments tailored to the whole family.

As a wife and a mother she exploits experiences from her daily life and incorporates them into design solutions to make everyday tasks quick and easy.

Krystyna has over 14 years of experience in the Interior Design field, she holds a diploma in interior design from Rhodec International Institute (RII), and an Interior Design/AutoCAD certificates from British Colombia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Krystyna gained her experience through working on commercial and residential projects with different designers and contractors.

Coming from a different background and travelling around the globe inspires her to produce unique spaces whether blending styles or mixing old and new.

Her creativity in design makes livable beautiful interiors.